I wish I were speaking in Python better already.

But then again, I want to build tech more like how Tony Stark does it in the first Iron Man.

I understand 3D design, object-oriented programming, and nodes for days, but to be able to grab the hologram, manipulate it and then build from the plan - that's what I would love.

And I would love to do that to build apps, like on AWS. Because right now, it seems like cascading nodes in never-ending sheets.

It would combine my passion for being in the forge working metal with helping humans through technology.

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I'll admit that I have not watched Iron Man but I can imagine the freedom those skills would bring. Being able to create your ideas and craft them for your greater cause. I love the idea of forging metal while helping humans through technology too. That's a wonderful pursuit.

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When I was studying jewellery design, I became obsessed with creating helpful wearable pieces.

I remember one of my designs was a brace for my mum that helped her with her fibromyalgia. I created it from her research and experience with chronic pain.

It was one of my first encounters with user experience and inclusive design from a materials artist and designer's perspective. I went through many iterations to arrive at a crude prototype that she was wearing, and it was helping her manage her pain, and she said it was helping her get stronger.

At that time, inclusive design only meant technology and wasn't yet applied to the physical world. I had dreams of 3D weaving the braces for people, but they would tweak the specs to suit their unique measurements.

I wanted it to be made out of woven carbon fibre and do everything, like heating for pain or cooling or stiffening and softening. It was getting complicated. I had an inventor's mindset, not an entrepreneur or businesswoman's head for it.

I think I have a video somewhere in the way-back files of the first time my mum put it on and her reaction to wearing it :) Now that I think back on it, it's a fancy corset. But I was designing it to help her, not because I thought of it.

It's interesting how different designs are motivated.

Also, I was like you and had not seen Iron Man as of three years ago. But my friend introduced me to the Marvel Universe, and I love escaping to it now because it sparks my imagination for helpful technology that might be possible!

What would you forge out of metal to help humans?

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This is the beauty of design, helping people with their real needs and making a difference in their lives at a deeper level. I would forge living options for those without homes using available resources since safety and protection are the basic rights of every human. Thanks for inspiring me to look at how I can design from a more human perspective. :)

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That's an awesome idea! I'm happy to be part of the inspirational process :)

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