Since Substack hides the question when looking at the comments, I’ll post the question here again.

One of my goals for this newsletter is to build a community to share our collective experiences and learn from each other. In that spirit, I am starting this thread to go around and introduce ourselves.

Here are a few prompts to consider:

- Where you are geographically located.

What you’re looking for in the Low Fidelity experience.

- A book you’re currently reading and any insights you want to share from it.

- Which topics, such as mindset, mindfulness, personal growth, resilience, etc., resonate the most with you?

Hopefully this helps 😀

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Learn more about great people

I dont read. Yeah I know.

I love things that promote positive vibes.

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1 - Sacramento, CA

2 - A community of people who want to improve themselves.

3 - I'm doing the thing where I say I only read one book at a time, but I'm actually reading 4...and some fiction. The last one I put down is "The Anxiety Audit" by Lynn Lyons. It's packed full with information, even for those without Anxiety with a capital letter. All humans have anxiety, it's part of being human. This book has helped me identify my anxieties faster than any book on meditation (probably because I don't consistently meditate!), and how to process and handle that anxiety. A short takeaway is:

Notice you're worrying or ruminating. Observe the process and externalize it. If there's an action to be taken, make a plan and do it. (reviewing, researching, talking, etc, are NOT taking action, but your brain will try to do it!) After you take the action, disengage from the worry/rumination. Return to the feelings later and practice these steps again. Overtime you will create new pathways in the brain that will reduce the impact on anxiety in your life.

4 - Personal growth for sure. Also, connection, leadership, and community are the things I constantly find myself drawn back to.

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My turn!

1. I'm in Roseville, California, next to Sacramento.

2. I am looking to help inspire and motivate to help develop personal resilience so people can make an impact in their lives and achieve their full potential.

3. A Good Enough Job by Simone Stolzoff. This book has introduced me to the idea of "workism" which is the belief that work can bring meaning to a person's life just as religion does. Working is important because we can meet our needs but when we start making it our identity and our meaning for living it becomes a problem because when the work is suddenly not there we are left with the fragments of our identity, unable to move forward. This book has definitely helped me see work in a new light.

4. The topics I'm interested in and explore in this newsletter are mindset, mindfulness, creativity, resilience, community, collaboration, design.

Your turn! :)

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