I've learned to be open and share my struggles with people I trust.

Last year at this time, I started therapy; it was a 12-week Cognitive Behavioural Course. And after I completed it, I had a new set of skills for my tool belt on how to communicate with myself.

Over two years ago, I also started face-reading to learn how to communicate with others.

So all of these steps keep progressing me toward learning how to be kind to myself and acknowledge that while all humans are different, we are entirely equal. So I'm as valuable as anyone else. And I don't need to shy away from my own experience because someone else approaches the same situation differently.

I need to share experiences so I can learn from others and filter out any background noise that does not serve the purpose of uplifting my spirit and healing my heart. My body started to react violently to my surroundings, and I'm currently in rest and restore mode.

It's hard for me because I like to go head-on, full force, all the time. However, there are different phases to living, and right now, recharging and reflecting are essential for me.

I think resilience comes from not giving up and not letting yourself be defeated by everything life throws at you. Even when you must pivot and completely change your tactics, resilience is about being the blade of grass that bends in the wind and then stands back up again. Grass gets trampled on, plucked up, and even sh*t on. It still grows green and beautiful.

Be the blade of grass.

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I used to fall into a downward spiral each time life happened. Through meditation and mindfulness practices I have learned to change my perspective and see the moments I fall down as learning opportunities. Some of the questions I ask are what is the lesson I can learn from this situation? I have also come to realize that the only thing that is constant is change. Change will happen and the more I can flow with it instead of against it, the less inner struggle I feel. πŸ’ͺ🏽 πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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I just lost my job on the 13th of this month. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and to be honest, I wanted out anyway, but on my terms.

I am never going back, either physically, mentally let alone spiritually, I am moving on.

What is helping me is exercise, I do Spartan OCR and on the 15-16 of October I took part in a Trifecta weekend up in Queensland's Gold Coast.

I bring back with me so many memories, I made new friends and pushed myself yet again to new limits.

I feel confident in the future, it might be a case of getting temp work to keep my income coming in but I am still going to aim higher and get a new position as a UX designer.

The Universe is 'mind' and that is why we have to be careful what we feed it, and right now, even though I am still battered and bruised, I am focusing on where I am going to go, how much money I am going to make, the team I will be working with and all the positive friendships, partnerships I will form in my new job, I even saw my dream car this morning after coming back from the shops.

I can see me and my family having greater means to do things like travelling and doing other things we have not been able to as a family.

Yes, there is a 'recession' going on, but one must trust in our own innate ability to navigate rough seas, I am not blaming anyone or anything for my own problems, I am now asking for answers on how to solve them without blame or guilt.

I hope this helps...

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I fell off my running plan for the past two months. As I was wondering how I will get back on track, I realized that signing up for a race helps me get motivated. I'm also going to start back slowly. One run at a time and one day at a time. My goal race is in February but I will get back to my training and get back on the trails.

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