What’s been on my mind? I’ve been thinking of networking a lot. I used to run away from it but now I have embraced it for the opportunities to build relationships with both new people and those from the past who you haven’t connected with in years.

I’ve also been thinking of how great it is to start off the day meeting a new guest for my podcast. Old Rizwan would have dreaded meeting someone new period, let alone first thing in the morning. The Real Rizwan now cherishes those meetings and feels energized to start the day off.

Joining the mastermind group with Hilary has been a great motivator to keep making progress on my projects. This is our first session so let’s see how we do by the next time we meet.

So what’s on your mind? 😀

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Thank you!!! I love the opportunity to open up my thoughts :)

I'm happy because I got to name my YouTube Channel this week!! So now it's @UXVocabClub, and that's exciting :)

Tonight, I'm going to an ad-lib with a special group of people who are not afraid to share their creativity, and I'm going to perform - I have no idea what it will be yet.

This week I met with a group of Webflow enthusiasts at an in-person meeting in Toronto, and I didn't get ill despite having all my allergens present and accounted for - so there is no reason for me to walk in fear. I know how to keep myself safe, and I can do it.

And I got a micro project to work on today for a new client, and over the weekend, that will help me learn how content comes together as various landing pages, websites, newsletters, forms and posts to be a worthwhile strategy. So I'm learning a new platform and putting the puzzle together for someone else, so I will be able to rinse and repeat for myself (on a larger scale).

I'm looking forward to our mastermind meeting on Tuesday!!! My goal is already set - but it's a work in progress.

Last night in my dream, I was on a mountain and had to stop my descent, and I allowed all these giant snakes to vacate the mountain. They were slithering away from me at great speed. And I took that as I released last night all the toxic relationships I've harboured and the poisonous thoughts I've cultivated and considered. And now, I'm on the road to healing. True healing. I'm free.

And I know God is working in my life, and I have to trust that everything will come to pass; it's all about my attitude. So showing up with more love, trust, and contentment will only improve my future and provide more joy and peace.

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I'm glad that you are able to make progress on many fronts. Getting your YouTube handle and meeting in person is a big win. Being able to work on a client project that will help you level up and use that knowledge on your own projects is a massive win. That's a great result of being open to opportunities. The universe provides when we say yes! :) Keep on being awesome and sharing your thoughts and experiences with all of us. 👍🏼

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I couple of weeks ago, I was made redundant after working for my company for over 12 years.

There are many reasons why I should feel sorry for myself BUT, I see it as a new beginning and an opportunity to go out and push myself to get a better job, one I am happy with.

The same week I was made redundant, I flew up to the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, to take part in the Spartan Trifecta weekend and came back to Melbourne with my 5ft Trifecta, medals and all.

This week was hard for me, I was trying to gain momentum and I applied to so many jobs and still not a word. I guess, I should be losing confidence but I refuse to give up.

There are negative thoughts coming in my mind and I tell myself to 'stop' and move on, to think about what I want, and I see myself in the job I want, the salary I deserve, travelling on holidays with my family and doing the things I haven't been able to do because of lack of opportunities I've had by holding on to a 'job' just paying enough with the hope it will get better, well it didn't.

I am even thinking if uncle 'Elon' needs great UX designers at Twitter, LOL. All jokes aside, I told Rizwan I was 'unemployed' but this is not true, as I am doing some web design as a freelancer, so I am still employed.

Don't give up, time to reframe our thoughts and believe there is someone greater than us, guiding us and protecting us, I have come close to death many times and somehow, that miraculous hand has brought me back from the shadow of death.

Love to you all!

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It is tough to go through what you’re experiencing right now Louis. Glad you’re approaching this with a positive mindset. Look at this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and take charge of your career. I would recommend digging into your job search process and the cv and portfolio to understand where you can improve. Also begin networking to open up more chances to find a job. Stay the course and take care of your mental health by running daily. You will get through this. I’m here to help! ✊🏽

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