oooooo your critic is nasty!! You are awesome, Rizwan!! Thank you for sharing this deeply personal message with the world.

I like calling it a blurt. haha It makes a lot of sense to acknowledge them so we can move past it.

Yesterday, I had a fabulous call with Agnes Ang who said that her secret is to add the word *yet* to any of the negative self talk.

For example: "I'm not great at Figma." changes to "I'm not great at Figma, yet."

By adding, yet. She says it helps put your mind into action mode. And that taking action then helps you prioritize and structure your moves to get better at something. Instead of keeping you in the box of negativity.

It blew my mind.

And it actually helped me get out of the perfectionist mindset, and launch the beta version of my website yesterday.

Good for you for getting outside your comfort zone and tackling this inner beast of negative talk.

You rock!!! keep it up!!

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