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I spoke about my observations for 10 minutes, and otter.ai transcribed it into two pages of text. From that, 20 keywords emerged. Center, rug, bed, top, vanity, wall, white, porcelain sink, cupboard, chandelier, towel, chair, tile, shelf, pillow, running, white stripes, cushion, footstool, bathroom.

What did you notice?

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Here are my observations.

- Illustration of a bedroom

- There is descriptive text underneath the image

- There is text that reads, To face page 9. So it looks like this was part of book or catalog

- Side view of a bedroom

- The doors to the bathroom are open with one slightly closed

- We can see the sink and the two tap handles

- There is a mirror on a shelf with other accessories up on a shelf above the sink

- The wall is made of green tiles with white caulking.

- There is a towel holder in front of the sink with red lines. The towel holder is on top of a colorful bath mat

- In the room, there is a large rectangular blue carpet with a patterned border around it

- There is a single-window at the end of the room with curtains.

- The colors of the walls are different hues of white and cream-colored, probably because of the light.

- There is a fireplace made up of blue tiles/bricks. There is something in front of the fireplace but I can't make it out.

- The bed looks like a single or twin bed with a white pillowcase and white sheets with what looks like lace.

- There are two black chairs in the room, on each side.

- There are five similar-looking picture frames on the walls.

- There is a red lamp hanging from the ceiling.

There was a lot more to be noticed but I ran out of time. :)

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