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I'll go first. I set my timer but forgot to start it.😅

- The Esoteric title is on a scroll

- Top of the image has stars in a circle. Some are white stars with black circles and some are black circles with white stars.

- There is a line that looks like a topographical map line going through the stars.

- Sun with it’s rays

- A woman holding a book in her right hand.

- The woman is wearing a long flowing dress. She is wearing sandals and her right foot can be seen.

- In the background there is a picture from Egypt with three pyramids, the Sphinx, and a desert oasis with palm trees and a lake.

- Underneath it there is the a view of the Greek Parthenon and other classical buildings.

- The globe with North America, Central America, and part of South America visible.

- The bottom part includes a logo that looks like the letters V and D on a scroll.

- The issue looks like it is No. 1 and Volume 1.

- The magazine is by Esoteric Publishing Company Boston.

- The is a row of circles was the pattern used for the footer design.

- The woman is looking to the right and it looks like she is pulling back a curtain in her left hand to uncover the new world?

How did it go for you?

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