Thank you!!!! Your son is an excellent teacher :) And you are an excellent listener :)

I think my child like attitude always got me in trouble, with institutions and teachers and what not. However, I never changed. It's part of the energy I bring into every conversation, I'm genuinely curious, ready and eager to learn. Or try something I already know, in an entirely new (or same) way.

I've never cared for titles because I think they separate us, make us too comfortable or even complacent. Even if someone has CEO in their name, I still ask them questions, unapologetically, like a child.

This attitude is always why I have trouble making time for just games and play. I enjoy taking action, even if it's something I have done before. I like doing it. Everything can be fun, even cleaning the toilet, with the right attitude and mindset.

Speaking of, I'm going to go clean my toilet :) HAHAHAHAH It's time.

I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your long weekend, Rizwan!!!

Also, that activity was hard!!! It took me three tries to find the correct answer. That's a cool exercise!!!

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