Listening to the sound of my own voice makes me wonder why people allow me to talk to them, and I'm amazed people don't throw rotten fruit at me as I walk down the street. As part of coaching/facilitation training I participated in, we were video recorded as we were tasked in presencing an opportunity for an audience. When we watched it back, I had a full on freak out - I just couldn't get over my own existence. It's all a bit (!) melodramatic, but that had been the experience.

This has slightly less grip on me nowadays, and the key lesson was 'Nobody cares enough about you, personally, to throw rotten fruit at you. Relax.'

Anyway... on a slightly different note. I love the artwork at the top of this post. Please may I share it on Three Things Weekly on a future post?

R xx

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That’s a great way to look at it. Why do I think I’m so special that others spend their time thinking about me or my voice. Glad you’re past it. Feel free to share the image. Glad you liked it. 😀

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