Oct 5, 2022 • 1HR 7M

14. How to live joyfully, show up authentically, and build your dream life with Kevin Packer

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Hi! I’m Rizwan. I'm on a mission to help you develop a resilient mindset so you can realize your creative potential. In each episode, I speak with guests to discover actionable strategies you can apply in your life to overcome inner struggles such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, and much more. Life is too short to feel stuck; it's time to unleash your mindset!
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In this episode, I have an insightful conversation with Kevin Packer, an entrepreneur, product leader, life coach, and writer. We talk about identifying the values that are important for you, which will help you build a solid foundation for achieving your potential. Kevin also shares a few powerful frameworks he uses to help him show up, lean in, and work towards his goals. Kevin also has a great listener challenge to help you start living your life joyfully and authentically.