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16. Demystifying design feedback to help you become an impactful designer with Jonathan Bowman

16. Demystifying design feedback to help you become an impactful designer with Jonathan Bowman

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Hello, creatives!

In this week’s episode, Jonathan Bowman, a Design Leader at Machinify and co-founder of the Board of Design, provides his insights on the critical topic of design feedback. He helps demystify feedback and helps us view feedback as a powerful tool for collaboration and our own growth so we can become more impactful at work.

Highlights from our conversation

  • Should designers know how to code? Designers should learn to talk to developers and learn about the basic frameworks and structures to have better conversations.

  • Jonathan shares what he loves about design.

  • We dove into the topic of feedback to learn how to approach it with a productive perspective.

  • Jonathan helps us see feedback in a new light which can help us put our guard down and gain the benefits of this powerful tool.

  • Learn how to get good feedback, curate it, and synthesize it to make the most of it.

  • Jonathan shares concrete ways to set yourself up for success when seeking feedback.

  • Hear how to manage different types of feedback that will empower you to lead a feedback session.

  • Learn how to lead with curiosity instead of emotions to get the feedback you need.

  • Learn how to prevent emotions from creeping in when seeking feedback.

  • We also explored how best to give feedback to others.

  • Learn what matters when you provide your own feedback and how to make it actionable.

  • Designers can't be lazy when it comes to feedback, both when seeking and delivering feedback. It is a lot of work to prepare. So be a prepared designer, not a lazy one!

  • Learn how to take steps toward becoming better at getting feedback.

  • Learn how to set yourself up for success when seeking feedback within a design tool like Figma.

  • Learn about Jonathan's new initiative to bring licensure to the design and research field. This idea works well in many other fields; is it time to bring it into UX?

Learn more about Jonathan

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/@uxdjb

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-o-bowman/

The American Board of Design https://twitter.com/board_of_design

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