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15. Develop your personal philosophy, show up as your authentic self, and build a powerful personal brand with Sana Ahmed.

15. Develop your personal philosophy, show up as your authentic self, and build a powerful personal brand with Sana Ahmed.

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Sana is a personal brand experience consultant who helps her clients stand out from the crowd and helps them monetize their unique edge.

In our conversation, Sana shared her transition from consultant to creator. We explored how to show up as our authentic selves and how you can begin to develop your own personal philosophy, something that is crucial if you're building your brand.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Learn about Sana's transition from a consultant to a creator. There are a lot of insights we can take from her story to apply in our own lives.

  • Understand why creative freedom is something we need to plan for and not take for granted.

  • Why giving ourselves permission to achieve our goals is crucial for our creative freedom

  • It's not about achieving but about doing the work to uncover what is within us, it's about us becoming.

  • Learn what emotional reasoning is and how it can be a dangerous behavior.

  • What is authenticity and how can we show up as our authentic selves?

  • Learn having a personal philosophy is at the core of developing who you are.

  • Want to begin developing your personal philosophy? Start by asking yourself why you believe what you believe.


On pushing forward

Many people feel the same way about how they experienced more success in their business from this ability to just not BS and to not fret and to not worry about things that don’t make sense and to do the hard work and lean and make the hard decisions that they need to so that they can learn and so that they can move forward.

On Authenticity

Authenticity is the feeling of congruence from your internal way of being and the way that you externally express that internal way of being.

On Self-awareness

Getting in touch with the core of who you are and reflecting on that, doing the hard work to really think about what that is for you, and then taking the steps that you need to express what that is.

And it can be very, And it can eventually be very big. Or you can start very big, cause a lot of ruckus, break a lot of ties, burn some bridges, and then go off doing your own thing and start over. But I think it’s either way that you do it; you have to understand that it’s gonna take some work to get to the point where you feel like I can totally be who it is that I wanna be.

Resources mentioned

Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

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