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19 - Helping UX Professionals through career change with intention, mindfulness, and confidence, with Amy Santee

19 - Helping UX Professionals through career change with intention, mindfulness, and confidence, with Amy Santee

Career change can be scary but with Amy on your side, you can move forward with confidence.

Recording Note: A lot has happened since our conversation was recorded a few months ago, so some observations may not be accurate today.

In this episode, I speak with career strategist and coach for UX professionals Amy Santee.

Amy is a champion for UX professionals who want to design their careers with intention and bring their good to the world through a practice of self-research, self-respect, self-advocacy, and strategy.

With all the uncertainty and recent tech layoffs, it is good to know that we have amazing people like Amy on our side to guide and support us through change.

Amy’s coaching philosophy is to help her clients navigate change by being strategic, mindful, and intentional.

Top insights from our conversation:

On Career Change

  • Be intentional and strategic with your job search.

  • Before searching for a job, figure out your why, your values, and how you want to work and live.

  • Identify the limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that are not serving you well.

On Career Coaching

  • A career coach can provide an outside perspective and validate or challenge your thoughts.

  • A career coach can help you do your job search more effectively and strategically to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques can be used in coaching to help overcome the inner struggles we face so we can reach our potential.

  • If you want to work with a coach, identify what you need help with and research coaches by reading their blog posts and newsletters and talking with them to see if they are the right partner to guide you in your career.

On Self-Discovery For Your Career

  • Collect data about yourself, such as your thoughts, behaviors, actions, and emotions, to understand yourself better so you can find a work environment that fits your values and supports you.

  • Check the stories you tell yourself. Validate them instead of blindly believing them.

  • Check your assumptions about external events such as the tech layoffs and make sure you're resume, portfolio, and presentations are all buttoned up and ready to go.

On Networking

  • Always be open to new opportunities.

  • On LinkedIn, turn on the feature that privately lets recruiters know that you are open to new opportunities

  • Network, network, network.

  • Start networking now, not when you need it.

  • Find people at companies you are interested in and make mutually beneficial connections.

  • Start interacting within the UX community to share your comments and thoughts.

  • Networking isn't only for new people you meet; you can reach out to people you have worked with in past jobs as well.

Listener challenge:

Amy shared a great personal development challenge to help you identify areas of opportunity and how begin working towards them one intentional step at a time. Make sure to listen till the end!

Connect with Amy

Website - http://www.amysantee.com
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/amysantee/

About Amy Santee

Amy Santee is a Career Strategist and Coach for UX professionals who want to design their careers with intention and bring their good to the world.

As a personal growth and career development nerd, she has partnered with hundreds of individuals to implement a practice of self-research, self-advocacy, and strategy, so they can make decisions with confidence and effectively navigate the complexities of life and work.

Prior to coaching, Amy built a career as a UX researcher and practicing anthropologist, working on product development and strategy for e-commerce, health care, automotive, retail, consumer technology, civic design, and small business.

In her free time, she enjoys weight training, birding, gardening, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Amy, find her on LinkedIn or visit amysantee.com.

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