Aug 26, 2022 • 49M

11. Exploring the inner world of creatives using powerful tools and techniques with Francesca Elisia

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Hi! I’m Rizwan. I'm on a mission to help you develop a resilient mindset so you can realize your creative potential. In each episode, I speak with guests to discover actionable strategies you can apply in your life to overcome inner struggles such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, and much more. Life is too short to feel stuck; it's time to unleash your mindset!
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In this episode, I talk with the artist, guide, hypnotherapist, and coach Francesca Elisia about how we can understand the inner struggles we face. Francesca also shares the tools she uses with her coaching clients for self-discovery. We also talk about mindsets, impostor syndrome, the benefits of working with a coach, and how the practice of hypnotherapy can help us connect with our essence.