Nov 26, 2021 • 6M

2. Progress over Perfection

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Hi! I’m Rizwan. I'm on a mission to help you develop a resilient mindset so you can realize your creative potential. In each episode, I speak with guests to discover actionable strategies you can apply in your life to overcome inner struggles such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, and much more. Life is too short to feel stuck; it's time to unleash your mindset!
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Lately, there has been a familiar voice that has appeared back in my head. As I work to get the Low Fidelity podcast up and running, the voice constantly reminds me that the podcast should be perfect right from the start, or it's not worth putting out there. The cover, the interview, the guests, the sound, the speed at which I work, they all need to be perfect. This voice is very opinionated and is a constant reminder that what I am doing is not up to par with the expectations of a great podcast. 

Maybe you have a similar voice in your head that pops up as soon as you are taking steps towards your goals? In this episode, I share a simple but effective way I overcome the nagging voice of perfection when it appears. 

I recently wrote about the idea of progress over perfection on my website.


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