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6. Get unstuck in your career and stand up to impostor syndrome by taking action with Samanta Aquino

6. Get unstuck in your career and stand up to impostor syndrome by taking action with Samanta Aquino

In this episode, I have a fun conversation with Samanta Aquino, a product designer, creator, and mentor based in Stockholm.

Samanta is a Latina product designer who is passionate about web accessibility and helping designers overcome their career struggles. 

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A few highlights from our conversation:

  • If you feel stuck then take action towards what inspires you. Instead of overthinking, take action, learn and adjust along the way.

  • Learn how Samanta stood up to her impostor syndrome by taking charge taking action.

  • Why it helps to come clean about our negative thoughts with someone we trust and how they can put things in perspective for us and help get those negative thoughts out of our head.

  • How Samanta uses affirmations to help her quiet the inner voice and change the dialogue.

  • How mentoring can help you practice the skills needed to reach the next level.

  • Why changing jobs will not always solve the problems we face within and around us. We have to take charge and action where we are.

  • Why setting boundaries is crucial for a designer's mental health and well-being and learn strategies you can use to begin taking your power back at work so you don't become a victim of unrealistic expectations and prevent burnout.

  • Why you should take time off before you burn out and have no choice to take it.

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