Apr 2, 2022 • 59M

7. Stopping procrastination in its tracks by using the Spark To Action framework with Patricia Leveque

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Hi! I’m Rizwan. I'm on a mission to help you develop a resilient mindset so you can realize your creative potential. In each episode, I speak with guests to discover actionable strategies you can apply in your life to overcome inner struggles such as impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, and much more. Life is too short to feel stuck; it's time to unleash your mindset!
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In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Patricia Leveque, a writer, educator, and procrastination coach. I first met Patricia in the Ship 30-for-30 program, a writing program to help you build a consistent writing habit. Her wonderful essays about creativity and joy in ordinary moments helped me be more grateful and appreciate the time I spend with my family. She also helped me understand how to be more focused and procrastinate less with her SPARK To Action framework which she explained in detail. 

A few highlights from our conversation: 

  • Change takes time and an important part of change is accomodating your needs by becoming more self-aware

  • We need to be mindful and make the choices that actually move us forward toward our goals

  • Reduce your to-do list to help you reduce your mental clutter to gain clarity

  • The Spark To Action Framework can help to make sure you are working on the tasks that align with your values and goals

  • Focus on growth over perfection 

You can find Patricia on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/patricialeveq

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