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8. Finding your path to awakening and personal development with Chris Tomasso

8. Finding your path to awakening and personal development with Chris Tomasso

In this episode, I have a conversation with Chris Tomasso, a gamification consultant, and podcast host.  We talk about creativity, personal development, self-awareness, and the path to awakening. This was one of those conversations where we could have kept talking because as you will hear we are both passionate about the topic of awakening.  

A few highlights from our conversation:

  • Use data cautiously. Use multiple data points to begin to identify trends in what you create to see how audiences are connecting with your message.

  • We talked about the qualities of good and bad gamification and how gamification is now part of the fabric of our reality.

  • Learn how self-awareness can bring more freedom and joy into our lives.

  • There are no boundaries in our life and work so unblocking ourselves in one area in our lives will help all parts equally.

  • Learn why the parts we hide about ourselves are the parts that are essential to who we are.

  • If you're stuck then moving your body, whether it is through dance, running, or biking can help release the negative energy stuck within you.


Episode show notes and transcript

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